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Smartphones: Dumb Driving

On the road, nothing is more important than driver safety and modern technology has made a tremendous impact (no pun intended) on improving conditions. Anti-lock brakes, side impact air bags and various sensors have all served to make driving safer. In fact, last year saw a record low of driving fatalities. That being said, while technology can make things very safe on the road, it can also make... ❯❯❯

The 5 Most Common Car Repairs

Cars require maintenance and repair throughout their lifetime, but where does all that money and time go? It may be a surprise to learn that most car repairs are usually minor, but can create a great deal of problems if not taken care of promptly. These are the 5 most common car repairs. 1. Spark Plugs Spark plugs are probably the smallest part of a car, but also one of the most important.... ❯❯❯