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Does your Automobile Need Emergency Roadside Assistance?

Breaking down on the side of the road in a remote location on a dark and stormy night is not the time to think about getting emergency roadside assistance coverage. Unfortunately, drivers all too often never give roadside assistance coverage a thought, until it’s too late. However, like all insurance, it is better to have it and never need it than to not have it and wish you did.Emergency... ❯❯❯

How To Maintain Your Car's Resale Value

Did you know that you can maximize the resale value of your car by keeping proper records and having it serviced on a regular basis?  Most of us spend a fair chunk of change on our cars. It makes sense to keep your car in excellent condition in order to maintain a high resale value once it’s time to sell. Here are a few tips to help you maintain the value of your vehicle.   Keep... ❯❯❯

Drowsiness Detection Technology Can Prevent Car Accidents

Have you ever felt drowsy behind the wheel after a night of restless sleep? Feeling tired and fatigued while operating a motor vehicle is not uncommon considering our hectic daily lives. Driver fatigue is extremely dangerous and has resulted in many disastrous accidents. In most cases, the driver doesn’t even realize that he or she is dozing off until it’s too late. Statistics from the... ❯❯❯

4x4 Utes Have Made An Impressive Comeback

After a gap of many years when the 4x4 Utes sales volumes were rather tepid and nothing much was happening to elicit a stronger consumer response, things have changed and the last couple of years in particular has seen a lot of action not only in the safety features being added to the 4x4 Utes but also on the transmission front. This has helped in boosting sales figures. Indeed, some precious time... ❯❯❯

What Your Car Insurance Company Doesn't Want You to Know

Auto insurance is required for drivers in nearly every state. It is vitally important to carry proper insurance for the protection of both your vehicle and the people who ride in it. The costs of medical attention for injured parties and to repair a damaged car can be staggering. These costs are the responsibility of the person at fault in an accident. Many insurance providers will promote special... ❯❯❯

Spring Time Driving - Be Defensive - Prevent Traffic Accidents

Spring and spring showers are here.  Once those Canadian winter storms have subsided and the snow has melted its glorious springtime and spring-time driving weather once more.  Driving takes on a new – and some say perhaps even more dangerous appeal.It can be said that with all the trees blossoming and flowers sprouting new motorists along with the previous crew- albeit with different and... ❯❯❯

Selling Your Car - Getting a Higher Sales Price

Before you list your used automobile in your local newspaper, Craigslist, Kijiji and the like, it more than pays to both prepare your vehicle properly for sale and secondly set a price.  Otherwise you will both waste time waiting for buyers to phone or show up and as well cheat yourself out of a fair amount of cash, by getting a much lower selling price. Pay Extra Attention to Detail When... ❯❯❯

Are You A Bad Driver? Here's How You Get Better

If you walk into a room and ask everyone if they think they're a good driver, most of them will undoubtedly say yes. Yet if you ask this same group of people how they would rate the average driver, most of them will answer that the average driver isn't very good. You know what this means? None of us are as good at driving as we think we are. So, in an effort to improve both your driving and the... ❯❯❯

Third-Row SUV vs. Minivan

If you have a big family, there will come a time when you need to make a car-buying decision that affects whether or not the family can fit in one car. Some people opt for the minivan while others opt for the SUV with a third-row seat. The following are a comparison of the two.   Gas Mileage Minivans get slightly better gas mileage than third row SUVs. On average, minivans can get at least 20... ❯❯❯

10 Alternative Ways to Recycle Your Car Tyres

There are many options for recycling old car tyres. When dumped in landfills or by the side of the road, car tyres can lead to toxic chemicals leaking into the Earth, and can also become hazards for children and animals. Around 290 million tyres are believed to be thrown away each year, with many ending up in rivers and streams. Over time, the constituent chemicals within tyres can enter the... ❯❯❯