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The Importance of Cleaning Car Windows Properly

Keeping your car windows clean can help make for a safer and more enjoyable driving experience. Dirty windows have the potential to cause dangerous driving situations that can endanger you and your loved ones.

The best time to clean your car windows is when you aren't driving. If you're out driving your car in traffic and you realize that your windows are too dirty, it may be difficult to find a safe moment get out of the car and clean them. Here we'll discuss some of the reasons it's important to keep your car windows clean.

  1. Reduced general visibility. If the dirt on your windows is severe enough, it can be easy to miss things while driving. Failure to see objects in the roadway, pedestrians or street signs can cause injuries or loss of life. Knowing when and how to clean car windows will help you avoid these dangerous situations.
  1. Driving toward the sun. While a dirty window can be difficult to see through during normal driving circumstances, when driving in the direction of the sun it can be nearly impossible to see out of. Though it can still be a challenge to drive towards the sun with a clean window, it's still possible to slow down and pay attention to your surroundings. With a dirty window facing the sun, visibility can potentially be reduced to zero.
  1. Damage to your windshield. If small debris and particles such as sand are allowed to rest on your windshield, they can cause pitting and scratching over time. Matters can be made worse by wind blowing dirt particles around the window. If you use your windshield wipers and move the debris across the surface of the glass it can also make matters worse.
  1. It can complicate allergies and harbor disease. Dust and pollen left on the windshield can cause allergies to act up and make it difficult for those sensitive to air pollutants to breath. Dirt can contain any number of bacteria and other contaminants harmful to your health.
  1. Dangerous in bad weather conditions. Using your windshield wipers on a dirty window during rain or snow can smear the dirt across the window, creating poor visibility and causing danger to you and the drivers around you. Moving debris across the wet glass of the window can cause friction and increase the chance of damaging the windshield.

Regularly cleaning your windows makes for a safer driving experience for you and your loved ones. While we may be tempted to put off cleaning the windows, it can be done relatively quickly. Gas stations often provide tools for cleaning windows on the go. When at home, you can use a microfiber car towel to easily wipe down the glass without leaving lint on the window.

We've seen that it's important to keep your windows clean to improve safety and to prevent damage to your car. A clean car can also be a source of pride and a pleasure to drive. Keeping your car windows clean is an important aspect in extending the longevity of your vehicle.

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