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Carbon Fiber – Adding Strength, Speed, and Style to Luxury Cars

Because of its strength, lightweight, and resilience, carbon fiber is being used more and more in different industries. It’s no surprise that a material this sleek and strong has found its way in the world of luxury cars. In this infographic, we show how carbon fiber has been integrated with high-end vehicles and provide tips on how to take proper care of the material.

Carbon fiber and exotic sports cars – what a perfect match. This military-grade material not only makes vehicles look better, it improves their performance as well. Its superior qualities has caused improvements in driving dynamics such as acceleration, handling, brakes, and body strength, turning already powerful cars to even greater beasts. This infographic by Carbon Fiber Gear takes a look at where carbon fiber can be placed in vehicles and shows sports cars that currently utilize it.

 The Auto Enthusiast's Guide to Carbon Fiber

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