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How Can You Choose A Perfect Bike Rack?

Buying the first bike rack is definitely a really important decision. There are so many available right now and the best choice is the one that is perfectly suited for you. Reading online guides does help but you have to remember that the choice is subjective. You can read the tips mentioned below to help you out but if the bike rack that seems to be the best for everyone is not good for you, just do not buy it. There are so many bike racks New Zealand options available that you will definitely find something you love.

Making The Choice

There are different types of bike racks that are available at the moment. You want to choose one that will perfectly fit your vehicle. This is the very first thing to take into account. If the car has factory crossbars, you will surely want to look at roof bike racks as they are practical and affordable. If the roof rack is what you want, think about fork. Some styles will require the removal of front wheels but that is not something that you want in many cases. Generally speaking, the roof bike racks are normally the best ones for most people, unless the vehicle is tall or the bicycle is quite heavy.

If you have a taller vehicle and you want to transport heavy downhill banks, you want to consider the tray bike rack. A tray style hitch mount will use front wheels as a primary attachment point. This allows carrying almost all bike types, ranging from the lightweight ones you go on roads with to the downhill heavy mountain banks. When the car does not have hitch receiver, aftermarket shops or rack manufacturers should be contacted to have receivers installed. 2 inch receivers are recommended as they offer higher overall compatibility.

When hitch receivers are not an option and the roof is not where you want the bike rack, the hatch or trunk mounts will be the only option left. A trunk mount will fit to most cars and vehicle compatibility is normally presented on the website of the manufacturer. Such a bike rack will be great for the occasional user. However, the heavy bike users will want the hitch mounted or roof bike racks.

Last but not least, be sure that you completely understand compatibility issues and potential weight limits. There are different retailers that will offer you the possibility to look at the racks before you buy. Obviously, this is not an option that is available when you shop online. When you choose to buy online you should always focus on reviews and as much information as possible.


Buying the very best bike rack for you should be much simpler when you look at the factors we highlighted above and when you are a little objective instead of totally subjective. Look at as many options as possible in order to choose those bike racks that are the very best for your particular situation. Patience dictates great choices.

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