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Getting Your Car Ready for Winter

With winter now around the corner, it has become increasingly important for motorists to get their vehicle ready for the colder weather. In the winter, vehicles are put through a lot of strain and it is at this time of year that breakdowns and accidents are at their highest. By making sure you prepare yourself and your vehicle, you can minimize on the risk of this happening.

There are a number of very simple steps that you can take in order to get your car ready for the colder weather and hazardous conditions. Everything from the tires and brakes to the tuning needs to be considered. In some cases, you may prefer to get the vehicle checked by a professional. However, there are various simple steps that you can take yourself in order to get your vehicle prepped. You can get advice on line in many cases by heading to sites such as

Some simple steps that you can take

When it comes to making sure your car will make it safely through winter, there are a number of key checks and steps to carry out. Some of the main ones include:

  • Checking the tires: It is vital that your tires are up to scratch in the winter because of the dangerous road conditions. You should make sure you check them and that they have plenty of tread. If you need to, get them changed because this is much better than the risk of being in an accident. In addition, make sure you check the pressure of your tires and that it is up to the recommended level.
  • Oil check: You need to make sure you have clean, high quality oil in your car ready for the winter. Having higher quality oil can make a big difference, so try and avoid the cheaper options. Also, if you haven’t had your oil changed for a while, this is the time to do it, as it could help to keep your car going during the winter months.
  • Check the battery: You should also ensure that your battery is fully charged and working fine. Your battery will have to work much harder in the colder weather, so by not checking it you risk your car dying while you are on the road. This could leave you stranded in freezing weather so make sure you take the time to check the battery is okay.
  • Check the window wipers: In the winter you will need to ensure that your window wipers are working properly. If there is any problem where one or both are not doing the job properly or they are really worn, get them changed. It doesn’t cost much and could make a huge difference when that bad weather rolls in.

You should also make sure you have everything you need to get yourself on the road each day during the winter. This includes anti-freeze, de-icer for your screens, and a scraper to get rid of ice and snow.

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