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Creative ways to use your wheels

When you think of businesses that rely on their vehicles to sustain their livelihoods, you generally think of taxi drivers or removal companies. If you don’t relish the idea of changing your career, then consider some other alternatives for getting the most out of your beloved vehicle.

Food for thought

Think of all the gourmet foods that boutique festivals now offer. Customers want variety and quality. Times have evolved since the days of the average burger van housing a greasy chip fryer. Food is big business. Especially in recent years where organically sourced produce and fancy pop-up restaurants have become all the rage. Could you transfer your culinary skills to mobile food business? Make sure you explore all the regulations and the legal requirements before you begin.

Take that once in a lifetime trip

Think of the VW Campervan and the image of a retro, bubbly, bright vehicle springs to mind. VW Campervans are synonymous with the 1960’s, flowers, hippies and road trips. VW Campervans are still very desirable today; people hold these iconic vehicles close to their hearts.  So, maybe it is time to take that trip you have been dreaming about for years. The liberation and excitement of being on the road, exploring, is a tantalising thought. There are dedicated sites at locations all over Europe which cater for campervans.

Keep your motor happy and healthy

If your motor is your livelihood you should pay extra attention to keeping up with maintenance. You might already be well-practised when it comes to carrying out minor repairs and tyre pressure, water and oil checks. It is still essential to treat your car to a professional service. If you have the basic mechanical knowledge and like to tinker in your spare time, then think about investing in essential parts. SGS Engineering Solutions has a good selection of desirable items.

Great way to advertise

Another benefit of branding your wheels, is that you can advertise and make your company known when you are travelling about. Make your vehicle look super-slick by honing in on what captures the attention of your target market. Think pretty pastel colours for a baking company with fancy calligraphy and maybe a picture of a scrumptious bun on the side!

For the more masculine ‘Man & Van’ type business then think about bold prints, a catchy slogan and details which the passerby can easily see.

There are many ways to utilise your precious vehicle, it’s just a matter of thinking creatively.

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