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Three Beneficial Auto Technologies coming to Market

New technology is always worth looking out for if you’re thinking of buying or leasing a car.  Take a business leasing company like Hitachi Business Car Leasing.  If you want to know what the latest technology their cars could be packing now and in the near future, here are 3 of the most beneficial up and coming auto technologies to make a note of.

Automatic Beam Control

Cars are starting to be able to detect oncoming traffic using cameras mounted to the rear view mirror.  This means that when the technology becomes mainstream, you may never again find yourself in the situation where you’re speeding down a dark country road at night and glaring full-beam points straight into your eyes.

Using automatic beam control, your car will change the lights for you to the appropriate level, depending on the oncoming traffic.

Parental Control

Are you afraid that your newly qualified kids will take your car and terrorise your neighbourhood?  Thankfully, car companies are finding new ways to stop this kind of activity from happening.

For example, your children will no longer be able to set the volume to whatever setting they would like. This is because you’ll be able to set caps on volume and bass limits to prevent any late night audio pollution which are not adjustable without a specific password.

Similarly, you’ll be able to set speed limits, which will be locked to 80 mph to prevent any possible joy riding which could result in a dangerous accident.

Car Internet

Although it will be a long time before we have full, proper Wi-Fi from our moving vehicles, some companies have begun shipping routers which give you the ability to turn your car into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

This will open up a range of new possibilities – from simple ones to implement, to far-off concepts that will take technological feats to create.  For example, we might be able to one day stream virtual reality directions onto the windscreens of our cars. You might also be able to connect to a cheap VPN from your car.

Our cars might also soon be able to communicate with one another to prevent crashes by automatically breaking for us, and by forcing us to slow down and stop at red lights.

Hopefully you can see how these technologies could benefit you, so next time you’re looking to buy or lease a new vehicle, make sure you ask about what new technologies it has.

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