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Finding the Perfect Car for You

Purchasing a new car is one of the biggest decisions you will make. There are so many different makes and models to choose from, thinking about cost considerations, how you will use the car and the most importantly the car that you like the most and can see yourself enjoying driving.

A car is a large purchase, regardless of the cost, it is something that is used on a near daily basis and something that needs to fit precise specifications in order for it to meet your needs and requirements.

The decision to buy a new or used car is not something that should be taken lightly and thorough research and thought should be put into it before a final decision is made to ensure you are entirely happy with your purchase and do not have to go through the car buying process again in a few months time.

Car Considerations


The finances you have to put towards a car are the first area of consideration. There is no point settling on a car that you are unable to afford. Determine a realistic budget and stick to it. This isn’t just in terms of a one off payment but also consider costs if you need to take out any finance to afford the vehicle.

Running Costs

Many overlook this part of car ownership. There is little point in having a car that you can afford to buy but struggle to afford to run and keep on the road. Different cars incur different costs such as road tax, insurance premiums and fuel costs.

Car Use

How will you use the car? Will it be for work? Or pleasure? Understanding the car use and what you need it for will help to decide on the type of vehicle that will be most beneficial. A four by four off roading truck is useless to someone that wants to make small trips just around the local town.


You need to determine whether or not you will have regular passengers. If you will then a two-seated convertible is probably not the best option. This is also particularly relevant if you have children, as the type of car you choose impacts their safety and their comfort.


We all have a rough idea of our perfect car and although that might not be realistic at this time, the ideals can still apply. Such as the colour, the model, the manufacturer. It is important to understand exactly how you want it to look and feel before you go out aimlessly looking for a car. Whether it is a Volkswagen Beetle or a top of the range Ferrari, the choice is your preference.

Additional Extras

The little extras are often the selling point of a car. Things like air con, central locking, assisted brakes and central locking are the little bits we all love and make a car just that little more special.

Safety features

The safety aspects of a car are important and especially so to those that have children and families. Older cars tend to have fewer safety features although every model will have taken part in a crash test upon its development.

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