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Three very Different ways to make Money in the Auto Industry

According to a BBC report, car sales as of June 2013 have increased for the ‘16th consecutive month’.  This means that making money in the auto industry these days is not too difficult.  What is difficult, however, is know which part of the industry to get involved in.  So here are 3 different ways to make money in the auto industry that you could get involved in.

Fancy yourself an Inventor?

Technology is one of the fastest moving industries in the world, so if you have the mind for science, it’s something you should certainly consider.  In fact, there are many new technologies being developed for the auto industry all the time.

An example is that technologists are trying to see how to get stable Wi-Fi into vehicles. This creates a range of new possibilities.  For example, cars could stream sat-nav information onto digital window displays for more accurate, detailed help.

If you think you could come up with an invention like this, you might be onto a serious new stream of cash, so get thinking.  If you’re not scientifically minded, there are other ways to make money from the auto industry, though.

Know the City like the Back of your Hand?              

If you do, you might be suited to being a taxi driver or courier.  This is a particularly good option if you’re a sociable person and you love exploring.

One of the best things about becoming a taxi driver is that the outset costs are relatively low.  You can use your own car or buy one if you visit Cab Direct.  That and a few legal requirements will be all you have to fork out for before you start making money.  What if you want to produce cars, not just drive them?

You might be a Car Producer’s Dream Employee

With the recent news that Jaguar Land Rover are to create 1,700 new jobs in Solihull, finding work in the various areas of car production could be a smart business move.  With the expanding nature of the industry, more and more jobs will start to be created in areas such as eco-fuel and hydrogen-power technology.  So, if you’re passionate about making our vehicles greener, there’s a job there for you too.

So you see, whatever your strengths, there’s a job for you in the auto industry.  Whether you’re a technologist, a business person, or even if you just love driving, finding a job in the auto trade could be a good move.

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