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Choosing the Right Tyres, and Taking Care of Them

When it comes to getting and keeping your car on the road, it isn’t possible with tyres. But they don’t just allow you to use your vehicle; they are one of the most important safety aspects when it comes to your car. Choose the wrong tyres or don’t look after them and you put your own life, and those around you, in danger.

Choosing Your Tyres

First and foremost you have to get the right tyre size for your rims. Luckily this isn’t something many of us have to worry about anymore as any reputable tyre fitter will figure out for you.

An important aspect that you do need to be aware of is the load a tyre can take. Again any reputable garage would be able to advise you, but you should inform them if you are regularly filling up your car with people or luggage.

Tyres also have a speed rating, indicated by a letter, which define the maximum speed the tyre can withstand. To be honest you are never going to need to worry about this unless you plan on using your car on a track or regularly breaking the speed limit, by a lot!

Tyre Care

One thing we should all do is look after our tyres once they are fitted, and there are a few things you can do at home to help.

First and foremost, tyres will wear over time. As this happens you may find that your grip and feel is reduced. More importantly, as wear occurs, your braking distances will vastly increase, so you should take care in braking and keeping your distance to other drivers. It may also take you longer to accelerate from a stand so be careful of this when pulling out of junctions.

We can help to reduce tyre wear by driving smoothly and with care; If you chuck your car around, brake and accelerate hard then your tyres will wear quickly.

Secondly you need to look after your tyre pressures, which you can top up at most petrol filling stations. Your car will have recommended pressure settings dependent on the weights of the loads in your car. You should check you tyre pressures at least once every four weeks as these will go down naturally. Reduced and incorrect pressures will also decrease your cars fuel efficiency, so there no better reason to keep them topped up!

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