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How To Maintain Your Car's Resale Value

Did you know that you can maximize the resale value of your car by keeping proper records and having it serviced on a regular basis?  Most of us spend a fair chunk of change on our cars. It makes sense to keep your car in excellent condition in order to maintain a high resale value once it’s time to sell. Here are a few tips to help you maintain the value of your vehicle.  

Keep Proper Records

Future owners may want to inspect your maintenance records.  It’s important to keep track of all vehicle documents; that means keeping every itemized receipt every time you get your vehicle serviced or maintained. It’s a good idea to have a separate folder where you keep all maintenance records.  Cars that have been well taken care of generally fetch a higher price than those that have been neglected.  

Garage Your Vehicle If Possible

It’s a good idea to park your vehicle in a garage if possible. Cars that are parked in a covered structure are less likely to be stolen and are protected from harsh elements such as rain, wind and snow.  Your car is more likely to retain its luster and remain in top condition if it’s garaged.

Keep It Clean

It’s a good idea to have your car detailed right before you sell it. A thorough detail will usually include a clay wax procedure where all the minor swirls and nicks are buffed and polished until your car gleams like its brand new. Most detailing procedures also involve steaming of the floor mats. Seats are usually also cleaned thoroughly and grease and grime is removed from the steering wheel.  A detailed cleaning generally costs a few hundred dollars but it’s worth it since it can make it a lot easier to sell your vehicle.

Car Model Counts

Efficient cars and hybrids currently have a very high resale value due to high gas costs. If you drive an efficient car you have a higher chance of being able to fetch a higher price once you decide to sell. Research the resale value of a car before you make a purchase. Brands like Toyota and Honda (whom are well known for their quality and reliability) generally retain their value quite well.

What it ultimately comes down to is that your car will retain a higher resale value if you take good care of it. Cars are an expensive investment and you have to keep it in top condition if you plan to fetch a good price for it later on.

Written by JCX Star - Rochester Nissan Dealer Lupient Nissan offers a large selection of cars for sale that retain their resale value such as the 370Z, Maximal and Altima. In the Orange County area, Ford Laguna Niguel offers deals on economical and reliable cars. 

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