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Does your Automobile Need Emergency Roadside Assistance?

Breaking down on the side of the road in a remote location on a dark and stormy night is not the time to think about getting emergency roadside assistance coverage. Unfortunately, drivers all too often never give roadside assistance coverage a thought, until it’s too late. However, like all insurance, it is better to have it and never need it than to not have it and wish you did.Emergency roadside assistance coverage, also referred to as “auto club coverage” is a package of services designed to aid stranded motorists. Belonging to an auto club can be a lifesaver and, more often than not, pay for itself with one service call.


Emergency roadside assistance services include coming out to fix a flat tire, retrieving a stuck vehicle, free towing to a repair facility, delivering emergency gasoline and lockout service. Additionally, some auto clubs provide travel services including trip-interruption insurance, maps, hotel bookings and discounts, rental car replacement and bail bonding.


Emergency roadside assistance service plans can vary greatly, with the amount of services affecting the cost of the selected package. For example, some plans provide for a certain number of service calls per year, towing for a certain number of miles or certain amount of gallons a free gas. Some auto club “premium” plans grant members expanded service and coverage, such as allowing them chose which repair facility they want their car towed to or how many service calls they many receive annually, before additional charges will be incurred.


Auto clubs generally specialize in providing roadside assistance, with some of the better-known clubs offering their own services nationwide. Other clubs may have a limited geographic range or provide their services only to customers of other organizations. Many auto insurance plans offer the option of including a limited number of services, such as basic towing. Additionally, many new car purchases or leases include roadside assistance coverage.


Cost can vary from free plans, included with an auto insurance policy or new car purchase, to over $100 per year for a premium plan with extended services. Choosing a package comes down to deciding what services may be needed and when. Those who frequently travel long distances or late at night may benefit from a premium plan whereas those who only drive to work and the store may only need basic towing coverage. Regardless of driving habits, every driver would do well to have some type of emergency roadside assistance coverage as a single tow can often cost more than the auto club membership.

Need emergency roadside assistance? Need your automobile back on the road? AAC emergency roadside assistance will respond quickly with their expert roadside mechanics. If your vehicle cannot be fixed on the spot, they will tow your vehicle to your desired motor vehicle repairer.

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