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Top 3 Tire Buying Tips

The tires are some of the most functional parts of the car and needless to say, a car cannot move without them. Despite the importance of tires, most people rarely think of them- that is until they get a puncture. One of the most important things that people learn when they go to driving school is to inspect their car tires every day. A casual glance can tell you if your tires need replacing. If you can no longer see the tread marks on the tire, then they should not be on the car.

For those who do not buy tires regularly, walking into a tire shop can be quite confusing. There are many types and sizes of tires and trying to figure out the best models can be challenging. Most people base their decision on the brand, and they will buy a well-known brand without considering the alternatives. In fact, most people are actually amazed when they realize the number of brands available in the market. Having some, basic information about tires can help you in making a wise decision for your next purchase.


Tires are often rated according to their safety and mileage and the treadware will give you the expected mileage. The mileage is indicated in the form of numbers such as 300, 400, and so on. The higher the number is, the more the mileage expected. The tire dealer should be able to give you the information you need about the treadware.


When driving on a wet surface, you need tires that will be able to stop at a shorter distance. This is the traction and it is used to determine the grade of the tire, with “grade A” being the best tire. If you live in an area where you get frequent rainfall, you should ensure that you buy the high-grade tires. This helps to ensure that you are safe on the road whenever it rains.

Heat Resistance

The heat resistance is another important consideration when grading tires. This is especially important if you live in warm or hot climates. It is important to choose a tire that will wear well in your area, and the more resistant your tires are the longer they will last. This will turn out to be very cost effective in the long run.

When you are buying tires, you should also consult your cars ‘owners manual’ to determine the speed rating as suggested by the manufacturer. The manufacturer will usually recommend the tires that are ideal for the car, and following their specifications will help to ensure that you get the best tire for your car. The cost of the tires will also influence the purchase decision and you should try to look around so that you can get the best deal possible.

Consider where you drive on regular occasions. If you mainly drive on highways or paved roads, your tire considerations will be different from those of someone who drives off-road, or on rough terrain. When you determine all these factors well, you will have an easier time buying tires. 

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