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Acura TSX Car Review - Luxury Vehicle That Could Do Better

Acura have come out with a new offering this year with their Acura TSX model.  It costs less than $30,000 US Dollars and is intended to supplement their luxury end range.  However, the Acura TSX does little to further define what a luxury vehicle should be, and it does not really offer much more than what is already available on the market.  It’s possible to buy a luxury car for less than $30,000 which actually offers more in the way in features and functionality – for more information read on for a review of the 2012 Acura TSX.

Acura TSX Comes with Manual Transmission

The Acura TSX comes with four doors and a manual transmission six speed gear box – although you can opt for a cheaper five speed automatic with manual shift if your budget is smaller.  With an Acura navigation system that is easy to use, 17 inch alloy wheels, xenon headlights and heated front seats among the better features of the car, the TSX should still be priced closer to $25,000.  However, putting the pricing issues aside, the vehicle is simple yet classy with great handling, and particularly good space out in the front.  So what exactly is it missing in the luxury stakes?

Engine Performance Could Be Better

Well in my opinion the engine performance simply does not stack up.  While shifting up or down through the gears it feels clunky – and more still when compared to models like the Audi A4, BMW 3-Series and Infiniti G35 as these offer very impressive responses in the gear box.

In other driving situations, for example lane changes, it’s a bit different as the Acura TSX moves with surprising confidence. Similarly, while in the low-speed city traffic driving the new shift speed Acura is accurate and devoid of any rush or hesitation.

The manual transmission TSX six-speed has mileage estimates of 22 miles to the gallon in city driving and 29 miles to the gallon whilst on the highway.  One concern that you might have if trying to save on fuel costs is the fact that premium fuel is required when filling up – which will add to operating costs of the vehicle throughout the year or life of ownership of your Acura TSX car. 

Easy to Use Acura Navigation System

On other aspects, the Acura TSX comes with leather seats and has an easy to operate GPS navigation system with the controls accessed either by audio or by using buttons on the steering wheel.  The GPS uses turn by turn directions and comes with new 3D mapping powered by Navteq maps.  If you do find that you need to update the maps after purchasing your new Acura you should do that using one of the new map update DVDs that are available from:

Features of the Acura TSX

  • Safety features - Dual stage driver and front passenger and side airbags, side airbags curtain, ABS brakes
  • Fuel Mileage (estimates) - 22 mpg (city) 29 mpg (highway)
  • Warranty - 4 years/50, 000 miles (bumper to bumper), 5 years / unlimited miles (corrosion), 4 years/50, 000 miles (using the roadside)

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