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The Car Purchasing Minefield

Buying a used car today is similar to Russian roulette, the good and bad all look the same, and without expert knowledge, one can easily end up with a dud! The reasons for this are numerous, mainly that every seller wishes to get the highest price for their vehicle, therefore any imperfection or defect is covered up, or at the very least not highlighted.

There are different types of car owners, those that cherish the vehicle, spending all their time and money on making the car look good. Then there are those that understand the importance of regular maintenance, and try to keep up with the service schedule. Then there are those who are not concerned with the mechanics at all, their only interest being to use the car to get from A to B.

Vehicle inspection

The safest way to ensure that a vehicle is in good working order, is to carry out a vehicle inspection. This involves a qualified technician performing a series of tests and inspections, ensuring that the vehicle is in tip-top condition.

Comprehensive testing

A vehicle inspection includes the following,

  • Full engine and transmission check
  • Suspension check
  • Differential check
  • Full bodywork inspection

A pre-purchase inspection would culminate in a test drive, as this is essential to see how the car performs. A qualified technician can learn a lot from a few minutes behind the wheel of any car, and after an extensive test drive, the technician will compile a report for the client. Many buyers looking for vehicle inspection in Perth, can search online to find a professional service that will ensure the car is worth the sale price.

Mobile solutions

If a person was interested in buying a particular vehicle, simply search online for car inspection in Perth, and a technician will meet the buyer at any given location, carry out the inspection, and provide a full report. Click here for a professional car inspection service, with a fully mobile service, carried out by qualified technicians.

Money well spent

When one considers the price of a car, it is prudent to spend a little extra for the peace of mind that the car is in good condition. Sold as seen is very much the terms of a used car sale, and many issues do not surface immediately, and when they do, it is too late to approach the previous owner, leaving the buyer with further expense, which they hadn’t factored into the purchase.

New vehicle purchases

A new car might not have been misused or neglected, but it is possible for the vehicle to have a defect, even before anyone has driven it. The quality control process at an automobile manufacturing plant is not infallible, and there are many occasions when the vehicle must be returned for minor adjustments, which is inconvenient. A vehicle inspection will reveal any problems, and with a new car, usually involves hooking up to the onboard computer, which will tell the technician if there are any issues.

The used car market has always been risky, but with a vehicle inspection, one can confidently go ahead with the purchase, knowing the vehicle is in good condition.

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