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5 Compelling Reasons Why You Need An Off Road Vehicle

We’ve all seen impressive off-road vehicles on the road and TV. But have you ever wondered how you might benefit from one personally? Ever since the recession in 2009, off road vehicles have been in a slightly declining market. Consumers are worried about running costs, not to mention upfront costs. And so there has been a trailing off in demand.

Yet, that doesn’t appear to have affected the segment in general. In fact, off-road vehicles have become better in just about every way. In other words, they’re even more appealing today than they were in their heyday, before 2009. Here’s why.


Those who own SUVs and off-road vehicles have a lot of options to customize their ride. While many segments of the auto market haven’t grasped the fact that customisation is important, the SUV market has. Owners of SUVs are always adding little touches to their cars, whether it’s DIY or from the manufacturer. And there are plenty of options. Things like dual exhaust outlets and custom paint jobs are very popular.


One of the biggest draws of off-road vehicles is their practicality. They’re ideal for myriad reasons. First, they’re great for transporting large numbers of people in comfort. Before the SUV, some cars could fit seven people. But they were very cramped and didn’t offer a lot of headroom. That all changed when off-road vehicles came to the mass consumer market. Now all of us have the opportunity to buy a car that is convenient and practical.

It Can Go Offroad

Driving shouldn’t only be about going from A to B. It should also be about fun. And off-road vehicles with their off road tyres make fun a priority. Here drivers can venture out onto muddy tracks and even straight across fields if they feel the urge to do so.


SUVs don’t have the best reputation when it comes to fuel economy. In fact, it’s because of their rather abysmal fuel economy that we’ve seen falling demand. But SUV manufacturers have had years to address this problem. And solve this problem, they have. The first thing that they have done is to change the aerodynamics of big SUVs. You’ve probably noticed that modern SUVs aren’t big and boxy like their predecessors. They’re more rounded and look more aerodynamic. Less drag means that modern SUVs can go further with a given amount of fuel.

Automakers have also pushed hard in the direction of diesel. Diesel engines tend to cost less to run because diesel is more energy dense than petrol. We’ve seen a proliferation of diesel injection and diesel engines in the SUV market. It’s all designed to bring the costs of ownership down.


Once upon a time, SUVs were seen as very rugged compared to a family sedan. You’d be lucky to get electric windows and a radio. But today’s off-road vehicles are as luxurious as sedans, if not more so. Now they come with practically every modern convenience you could imagine. Of course, satellite navigation is ubiquitous. And so too are infotainment systems, adaptive cruise control, driver assistance features and so on.

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