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Prepare Your Car for the Winter Months

Driving in the winter months can prove to be hazardous with heavy rain, ice and snow all bound to be weather conditions that we can expect. The clocks go back this weekend and some believe that has a direct impact on the amount of accidents that will occur on our roads.   So make sure that you look after your car and prepare it for the gruelling winter months, putting your safety first.

Make Sure Your Vision is Clear

We have all been in the car when it is pelting with rain and although you have your wipers on full pelt, they don’t seem to be doing a very good job of clearing your windows. This can impair your vision, be frightening and mean you end up driving at a snail’s pace. Always make sure that your screen wash is topped-up and that the blades in your windscreen-wipers are replaced if there are any signs of tearing or general wear.

Keep Your Car Well Grounded

It is important to make sure your tyres are pumped up to the right pressure. If your tyres have lost their tread and are showing patches that are bald then you should replace them. You should keep an eye on your oil levels as running low can cause a lot of damage to your engine. . This is paramount to your safety and will help your car run more efficiently.

A Kit For All Eventualities

As the temperatures plummet, the conditions on the road can become hazardous. It is always worth keeping an emergency survival kit in your boot, in case you breakdown. Your kit should include: a blanket, a mobile phone charger, a spare tyre, shovel, scraper and de-icer and a first-aid kit. Some people go the extra mile and include a reflective jacket, extra warm clothes, a tow rope and some jump leads.

Keep it Professional

Don’t forget to take out a policy with a breakdown company. You may think this is a luxury you could do without, but you’ll be more than grateful for that service when you are stuck on the side of a motorway in a snow-storm.

It is also imperative to have the right insurance cover, as accidents are far more likely to happen in the winter months. A company such as One-Sure can offer you a quote online for reasonably priced car insurance.

Don’t forget the importance of a full service with your trusted garage, this way you can feel confident that your car is in prime condition. By keeping up with the weekly maintenance checks you can actually reduce your chance of breakdowns.

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