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MOT Price Freeze and Whiplash Claim Crackdown

The UK Government have revealed plans to cut down the annual costs of motoring for car drivers. The plans will see a cap of £54.85 on MOTs and there will be a crackdown on whiplash claims, with the insurance industry and authorities working together to tackle the problem. The Ministry of Justice’s plans also include the aim to reduce the cost of fuel bought at motorway service stations.

More Good News for Drivers

These announcements come with more good news for motorists regarding their insurance policies, which it has been revealed have fallen by 12.4% in the last year.

This is particularly good news for young drivers, as well as fans of car modification, who often experience sky high premiums as a result of paying companies like ECU Flash to ECU remap their engines and making other changes to enhance performance.

When the new plans to tackle fraudulent whiplash claims are rolled out at the start of next year, it is expected that the price of insurance policies will come down yet again.

The scheme will see whiplash claims assessed by an independent board of advisers who will only consider evidence presented by accredited doctors, making it much more difficult for people to feign injury.

Fraudulent whiplash claims last year added £90 on average to the insurance policy of every driver in the UK, so the crackdown will be welcomed by motorists looking to save cash on their cars.

MOT Price Freeze not Welcomed by All

Although motorists might be jumping for joy at the thought of an MOT price freeze, the idea has been criticised by the Retail Motor Industry Federation, who believe it could result in already struggling businesses being forced out of the market.

New Measures for Motorway Fuel

On average, motorway petrol stations charge 7.5p more per litre than other petrol stations, and measures are being taken to try to drive down this price to benefit drivers.

Signs comparing petrol prices at various nearby services stations will be positioned along the motorway, so drivers can choose to stop off at the cheapest and save money if they wish. There is also hope that the signs will encourage petrol stations to provide more competitive prices in order to gain customers.

These changes, when they all come into effect, should make motoring significantly cheaper for the less savvy drivers on Britain’s roads.

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