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Maruti Ertiga- The Brand new Life Utility Vehicle from Maruti!


Who hasn’t heard and trusted the Maruti brand in the Indian car industry? Maruti Ertiga, the Multi Utility Vehicle (MUV) from the most favourite Maruti came in with a big bang. It saw massive bookings steering upto 32,000 in the first month after its launch. This staggering success was due to its competitive price in the B+ hatchback segment. Try booking one and you will be amazed to hear a fixed waiting period of 6 months after booking. Maruti has been boosting its production of this car after it successful booking period. Waiting to hear details? Here we go…

About Engine, Power and Acceleration

Maruti uses the most trusted and popular engines. The Ertiga houses the 1.3 litre multijet engine that has been so far the most favourite and fast selling diesel engine in India and a 1.4 litre petrol engine. It powers the car by the supreme power of 93.7bhp at 6000 rpm with 130 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm. It delivers a mileage of 16.02 Kms per litre in the petrol car and 20 Kms per litre in the diesel car. The mileage is commendable considering the category of a utility vehicle. It can accelerate from zero to 100 Kms per hour in a mere 15 seconds in the petrol version while securing the same in a matter of 15.5 seconds in the diesel car. It reached its top speed of 155 Kms per hour in no time.


This car is aimed to target the big Indian families, and hence as far as issues of space are concerned it can house nearly 9 people with ease. The look is of an SUV look with a big bonnet and slotted grilles in the front. It has bulges from the sides and the rear ends endowing it with an aggressive look. It has got fantastic head room and ample leg room. However, in this Ertiga the headroom is way more than the leg room. The alloy shiny wheels give it a modern, finished and polished look.


The interiors of the Maruti are fantastic in terms of the headroom and legroom. There is ample room for the front seats. The company has economised on the finish of the car from the interiors. The dashboard could have been classier and colour options would have been more welcome. It has options of a power steering, power windows, and electrically adjustable mirrors. The cabin could have been bigger. Although, the cabin is good enough to make you feel like you are occupying a large multi utility vehicle.

Handling and Safety

The handling of the car is smooth and lucid. Despite its size it moves as easy as a hatchback. It has secure ABS and airbags for additional safety. It comes with features like the Kenwood audio system, adequate speakers, and ample air conditioning vents with remote functions.

You can check out additional features of this MUV on Overall, this is a great steal for a family seeking a car for city travel and fun holidays. It ranges between Rs.6 Lakhs to Rs. 9 Lakhs. 

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