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Fleet Car Insurance FAQ

Fleet car insurance is a necessity if you have company vehicles. If you are thinking of expanding your company and your current range of vehicles, then fleet car insurance is even more important, as insuring all your vehicles individually will prove expensive and time-consuming. Although fleet car insurance is relatively similar to any other vehicle insurance policy, the idea can still cause some confusion, so we’ve put together some fleet car insurance FAQs.

Do I need fleet car insurance?

You may currently only have one or two vehicles at present, but as your business grows, fleet car insurance could become the least expensive option for you. If you have five or more vehicles then fleet car insurance will be cheaper and easier for your company’s administrative team as there will only be one renewal date to deal with.

What do I need to get a competitive fleet insurance quote?

Opting for a fleet insurance policy puts you in an excellent position for getting a competitive deal. Depending on the type of cover you are looking for (comprehensive, third party etc.) you can get an excellent deal from a range of top insurers.

Check out Quote Me Today fleet insurance for a competitive insurance quote that suits you. Fleets from 2 to 30 vehicles are covered and mixed vehicle fleet cover is also available. All the top rated insurer panels are included, so you can find out the best deal for you with the best insurer.

Can I insure car fleet insurance as well as other vehicles on the same policy?

There are plenty of risks posed to fleets, such as accidental damage and theft, so ensure you stay protected no matter what, whether you have haulage, courier or even a personal fleet. You can even add your own private car to your fleet insurance and you can add and remove vehicles from your fleet insurance policy as and when you like.

Who can have a car fleet insurance policy?

The vast majority of fleet insurance policies are held by businesses. There are no restrictions in place as to the type of business that can hold a fleet insurance policy, and really any business that has a need for vehicles is eligible to have one. Whether your vehicles are carrying your own goods, haulage and construction hire or even if your vehicles are for the use of retailers, solicitors or sales teams, every business is considered and catered for.

However, it is not only businesses that can have a car fleet insurance policy: families are also able to obtain fleet insurance for their vehicles, too. This is chiefly designed for families who have at least 5 vehicles to insure and can be mixture of cars, vans, motorcycles, horseboxes, motor homes or whatever other vehicles the family may own that they wish to have insured.

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