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Buying a Refrigerated Van: Why Go for High-Quality Tires?

Refrigerated vans are steadily gaining lots of fame in the business world. They offer numerous benefits to business owners dealing with temperature-sensitive goods. However, the tires play a crucial role, and you should choose high-quality tires for your fridge van.

Types of refrigerated vans to consider

There are different types of fridge vans for sale. It's advisable to go for one that suits your needs. Otherwise, you will risk having your perishables get spoilt in transit. The different fridge vans to consider include;

  • Chiller conversion vans

A chiller conversion van is a form of insulation van with a thick 50-millimeter Styrofoam lining. It features a refrigeration system that can withstand low temperatures of 0 to 8 degrees Celsius. It serves a variety of industries, including those moving refrigerated foods stored at 0°C or above. The van is also ideal for drug organizations and flower specialists.

  • Semi-freezer chiller van 

It's a van whose storage area is enclosed with 75-millimeter insulation, allowing it to hold frozen items. It is appropriate you want to ship frozen goods. The freezer units of this van may reach temperatures as low as -10C to -15C.

Why go for high-quality tires when buying a fridge van?

  1. Enhanced safety

Regardless of the vehicle you drive, there are moments when you need to drive fast yet stop safely. This typically isn't an issue if the roads are dry. However, it could not be easy if it's raining. The tires on your refrigerated van may be crucial in this situation.

 If you want shorter stopping distances and a lower chance of skidding results, get well-designed tires. These should have improved the ability to grip wet surfaces, which enhances safety. 

  1. Wear and tear

You may be tempted to install less expensive tires in the near future. However, cheaper or sub-standard tires won't endure for very long because of the inferior rubber compositions utilized in their manufacture. The high annual mileage of your van will also make matters worse.

You'll need to change tires more frequently and deal with the nuisance, which lowers productivity. You will be better off spending a little more on excellent tires while looking for a fridge van. They won't just last longer; they'll also function better, keeping you safer on the track.

  1. Improved grip and handling

High-performance tires are made to grip the road better than normal models. These tires' softer rubber construction makes it easier to grip the ground, especially when it heats up at high speeds. This improves safety and makes it simpler for a refrigerated to navigate tight turns. 

  1. High-Speed Traction

High-performance tires have a wider footprint, which increases their surface area for traction on paved surfaces. This increases the tires' traction, which is advantageous in particular at high speeds. These tires can offer the answer you're looking for if you want to experience the rush of driving quickly without worrying about your van's capacity to stay on the road.


High-quality tires play a big role in your refrigerated van. With the above information, I believe you know the type of van to choose and the benefits of going for superior quality tires.