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Top Signs that Your Vehicle Needs a New Transmission

A transmission is simply your vehicle’s gearbox, and it is integral to a well-functioning automobile. These components are erected on the engine, and need certain practices to ensure they are in the best state.

All automobiles have transmissions that need servicing after hitting certain kilometers. Remember, a transmission can last for years with the right care. However, failure signs will start to appear sooner or later.

A transmission fluid also goes a long way in prolonging this component’s lifespan. Changing this oil is also affordable, as the typical Nissan transmission fluid change is around $180. Below we discuss the top signs that indicate your vehicle needs a new transmission.

1.     Difficulty Changing Gears

This is a major sign that your vehicle needs a transmission, whether it is automatic or manual. Both sets of vehicles shift into various gears and this process should be smooth. However, you should seek mechanical assistance whenever you begin noticing changes in the process. The main things to look out for are;

  • Reverse issues
  • Falling gear as you drive
  • Sudden gear shift
  • Jerking action when you shift between gears.

These are the top signs of a faulty transmission, and you should contact your mechanic immediately.

2.     Gear Grinding

Grinding between gears is also a major indicator of a faulty transmission. Manual car drivers can tell when there is an issue with their gears and they should address the issue immediately to prevent further damage. This grinding makes it hard to change gears, and the bets thing to do is seek mechanical help.

3.     Whining Noises

Another sign of a faulty transmission is a buzzing or whining sound. Remember, failing parts affect the transmission in different ways and the transmission consists of several parts. Each part plays a significant role, and the entire component can fail if one part is faulty.

Failing parts make the transmission produce weird noises, and it should be repaired to prevent further damage.

4.     Cloudy Fluid

A brand-new transmission fluid is bright red in color, and has a sweet smell. However, this oil goes through different things, and a cloudy substance indicates a faulty transmission. Kindly look out for dark or milky transmission fluid as it suggests a faulty component.

5.     Burning Smell

A burning odor also symbolizes a faulty car transmission. Not only does this fluid change color, but it also causes a distinctive smell. These gears produce a burning smell when they begin to overheat and drivers can only notice this when they open the car doors.

Kindly consider taking your car for repair if the transmission has reached this stage to avoid further damage. A leaking transmission fluid should also call for alarm, as it signifies a faulty transmission.

Car owners should always be on the lookout for leaks after alighting their car to ensure there are no leaks. This problem should also be fixed immediately to prevent further damage.

Final Thoughts

The transmission is an integral component of your engine, and drivers should follow certain precautions to keep it in its best state. The above article has elaborated the top signs that show your car needs a new transmission, and more information is available online.

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