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Where Can I Dispose Tires?

If you have recently switched your tires or purchased some new ones, you may be wondering where you can dispose of your tires? There are plenty of places you can take your tires and also some fun do it yourself type crafts you can try your hand at if you’re feeling crafty.

Getting rid of your old tires can feel like a major hassle but keep reading below for some places you can take your worn tires or for some up-cycling tips!

Leave your old tires with the tire shop after your replacement

This one is a little obvious, but also one of the easiest solutions. The majority of tire shops include the cost of disposing of your old tires into the cost of purchasing and installing the new ones. This fee cna range depending on the shop and if they do it per tire or as a set.

You also may want to ask your retailer what they do with the old tires or which recycler that they use. If they say they send the old tires to a junkyard, you may want to ask to take the old tires with you and find a tire recycler yourself.

Bring your old tires to a tire shop even if you’re not purchasing new tires

This one kind of piggybacks off of the first one, even if you’re not purchasing new tires you can still bring in your old set. Many tire retailers, even if you’re not purchasing a new ones, will still accept old tires for free or for a small disposal fee.

The best way to find out which retailer to bring them to is to just give them a quick call. While on the phone with them you can ask a few questions to make sure they’re disposing of the tires ethically. Ask them if they accept old tires, how they dispose of them, if they have a limit and if there are any associated fees.

Head over to a hard to recycle event

Another good place to dispose of your tire or other troublesome items at a hard to recycle event. These events have gained more popularity over the years as a great way for people to get rid of things like older televisions, appliances and of course, tires. Since these items cannot always be donated or thrown in the landfills, hard to recycle events a great alternative.

You can check your local listings, social media and local government websites for when and where these events take place in your location.

Take your old tires to a recycling center or facility

You can always take your old tires and other recyclables to a local recycling facility. In most cases, recycling facilities will accept used tires if you bring them in. But make sure that the recycling facility you choose actually accepts tires, as some may only take certain items like electronics,  other facilities may have a limit on how many tires a person can bring in.

To find recycling centres or facilities around you, give it a quick search or check local environmentally-friendly groups to find locations in your area.

Find a company or organization that up-cycles or recycles tires

If you can find a tire processor that guarantees their reuse, this is another great option for you old tires. Unlike their general recycling facilities, tire recycling processors companies focus exclusively on recycling tires and using the materials to create new products.  Some companies will even shred the tires on site and use the rubber for mulch or other products.

It’s important to search for tire recycling processing centres exclusively to determine if there are any in your area. Some companies will travel to you to pick up your tires, while others will require you to bring them in.

Upcycle your tires with some DIY crafts

The last way you can dispose of your old tires is to upcycle them. If you’re a crafty person or want to simply try your hand at something new, DIY crafts can range anywhere from beginner level simple crafts to more elaborate advanced ones.

Some beginner crafts can include things such as  turning your old tire (once it has been cleaned) into a circular planter, a sandbox for children, a comfy dog bed (will most likely only fit a smaller dog) or the classic horizontal or vertical tire swing.  Some more advance crafts that old tires have been upcycled into can include a garden table (this would need two tires) and others.

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