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Bulletproof Vehicles

Everyone thinks bulletproof vehicles are only in movies or only used by the president or celebrities, but that is simply not true. Bulletproof vehicles have many benefits even common people can enjoy. The most common place to have a bulletproof vehicle is in places with high crime rates. Some companies have actually started armoring cars as a standard part of the car. Some of these companies include Mercedes-Benz, Ford, and BMW all offer bulletproof options. If your automobile manufacturer does not offer this option, there are several aftermarket companies that offer the service.

How Bulletproof Vehicles Work

Bullet proof vehicles try to absorb bullets, not like in the movies where it looks like they are ricocheting off of the vehicle. When you take your vehicle in to turn it into a bullet proof vehicle, the first thing they do is remove the wiring, interior trim, seats, carpets, doors, pillars. The doors and pillars are then bolstered with a steel plate like thing, something similar to the stuff inside a bulletproof vest.

 If this weighs doors down too much they may add a third hinge. The ceiling and floor are lined with a ballistic fabric. The front and rear bumper are reinforced. The goal of these aftermarket companies is to add all the features to make your vehicle bulletproof without anyone being able to tell it has been modified. The glass on your vehicle is called transparent armor. The windows are made from leaded glass and polycarbonate.

This doesn’t actually make the glass thicker, just more sturdy and able to stop bullets. The tires are usually replaced with special tires that even if they are flat they have a tube in them that allows them to keep rolling. After being flattened these tires can usually run for about 60 miles at speeds up to 60mph. Adding armor to your vehicle makes it heavier. The lightest armoring can make your vehicle way about 500lbs more.

The more armoring materials they put on your vehicle the more secure your vehicle is. When they add all this armoring material to your vehicle they sometimes have to replace the engine to be able to pull the new weight. If you live in a high crime rate area with murders, burglaries, or rape you may want to have bullet proof materials added to your vehicle to make you feel safer.

There are thousands of people each year that are attacked while driving their car, they could be car jacked or simply just shot while driving, adding bulletproofin' materials to your vehicle will help to protect you and your family. If you are buying a new vehicle soon you may want to talk to your manufacturer to see if they offer a bulletproof option. If they do not offer that option, find a reputable aftermarket company to take care of all your bulletproofin' needs.

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