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Germany Asked To Use Afghanistan's Lithium In Automotive Industry
Pointing to the importance of Afghanistan's mineral resources, Ghani suggested that German automobile companies should use the country's lithium in their automotive industry, a press release issued by the Presidential Palace said. “Afghanistan's ...

GM and PSA Geared Up for Auto Industry Tougher Times
Near-death experiences have a way of concentrating the mind on what matters. Maybe this is why General Motors and French group PSA look better placed for the looming automotive downturn than many car makers with prouder brands. The companies ...

Report on Alabama auto industry shows steady growth ahead
The 2016 New & Expanding Industry Report shows that the year finished with a total of 68 auto projects, 3,848 jobs, and $907.1 million in new capital investment. Add the projects that have been announced this year, and the figure increases to more than ...

Leaders from the automotive industry on what goes behind creating the hot seat in your luxury sedan
Leaders from the automotive industry share what master craftsmen and tech innovators have to offer for the hot seat in your luxury sedan. Comfort , speed and efficiency are the three things every buyer looks for in a new car. While the exterior is for ...

Heritage Museum To Hold Presentation On Early Automotive Industry
Coming soon to the Heritage Museum and Cultural Center in St. Joseph will be a presentation on the history of the American auto industry with a special guest speaker perfectly suited to discuss the subject. Matt Anderson, the curator at the Henry Ford ...

Gamification in the Automotive Industry, Forecast to 2025
The increasing penetration of smartphones, customized services, tech-savvy customers, the growing digitalization, and technology advancements compel the automotive industry to integrate gamification technologies. Wearables, virtual reality (VR), ...

Sophisticated medical imaging technique proves useful for automotive industry
A new approach based on the medical imaging technique optical coherence tomography (OCT) provides the car industry with a practical way to automatically analyze these metal flakes, which until now have been difficult to image, in order to improve the ...

Top 6 Digital Transformation Trends In The Automotive Industry
I'm continuing my series looking at digital transformation trends in various industries. Previous focus has been on trends in sectors such as healthcare, retail, finances, and media and entertainment. Today, I'll discuss how digital transformation has ...

Elon Musk's Tesla electric cars ready to revolutionise the automotive industry
This weekend, however, Tesla launches its eagerly awaited Model 3, designed as the world's first mass-market electric vehicle which will, according to its South African-born creator Elon Musk, “transform the automotive industry forever”. Not since John ...

Groups highlight impact of auto industry on state
MEC is the state's chamber of commerce and Move Mississippi Forward is a group created at least in part to promote the automotive industry while opposing unionization of the industry. The report was released against the backdrop of the planned vote ...

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Carbon Fiber – Adding Strength, Speed, and Style to Luxury Cars

Because of its strength, lightweight, and resilience, carbon fiber is being used more and more in different industries. It’s no surprise that a material this sleek and strong has found its way in the world of luxury cars. In this infographic, we show how carbon fiber has been integrated with high-end vehicles and provide tips on how to take proper care of the material. Carbon fiber and... [Continue Reading]

The Best 2017 Ford Vehicles

Ford Motor Company has been really strong around the world ever since 1903. 2017 is no different. It offers so many great trucks, cars and SUVs, most of them being really popular, especially in the USA. There are so many great models out there that it is really hard to decide exactly what the very best Ford vehicle is. However, those below are definitely some that have to be considered. 2017... [Continue Reading]

How Can You Choose A Perfect Bike Rack?

Buying the first bike rack is definitely a really important decision. There are so many available right now and the best choice is the one that is perfectly suited for you. Reading online guides does help but you have to remember that the choice is subjective. You can read the tips mentioned below to help you out but if the bike rack that seems to be the best for everyone is not good for you,... [Continue Reading]

7 Most Common Mistakes When Hiring Movers for Relocating to Florida

Many people make mistakes when hiring movers in Florida which can result in waste of money and time. Making proper preparations can prevent unnecessary surcharges and stresses from the moving process. You should start planning as soon as you hire the movers so that the moving process will be smooth when the movers arrive. The following are the 7 most common mistakes that people make when... [Continue Reading]

Why an Inspection is Highly Recommended Before Buying Used Cars in Chicago

If you are on the hunt for a “new” or “used” vehicle, one of the best things you can do to protect yourself from buying a lemon is partner with a trustworthy mechanic in Chicago. Finding a used car that is in the condition described, with no hidden issues, and a clean title, is easy with help from a mechanic. The certified mechanics here at Otobots Chicago always... [Continue Reading]

5 Ways To Make Your Car As Safe As Possible

When it comes to car safety, there is always more than can be done. For parents already familiar with extended rear facing car (ERF) seats, what else can do you to ensure the best possible safety? Aside from buying a new car, here are a few things you can do to increase the protection offered by your own vehicle. Check Your Crumple Zones When it comes to head-on or rear collisions, the... [Continue Reading]

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