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As Cleveland Auto Show opens, Ohio looks to stake claim in autonomous future of the auto industry
CLEVELAND - As the auto industry continues to transform, so too does the Cleveland Auto Show. Gone are the days when the first Friday of the show was reserved solely for area's auto industry workers. Starting in 2016 the show was open to everyone when ...

Auto industry works to prevent vehicle hacking
TAMPA (FOX 13) - The auto industry has come a long way when it comes to gadgets and everyday convenience. Now, the technology is in overdrive. Matthew Meisenbach runs M-COR Automotive. The Lutz company customizes vehicles to fit the technology ...

Expert: Mexico's free-trade agreements have drawn the auto industry
Above: Mike Jackson, director of North America vehicle forecasting for IHS Markit, fields a question during the South Carolina Automotive Summit at the Hyatt in downtown Greenville on Feb. 22. Numerous free-trade agreements with other countries have ...

UK car output up 7.5% in January
Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, said: "UK car manufacturing made a very positive start to the year, carrying on the strong performance from 2016. These latest results highlight, once again, the export-led nature of our industry and the global appeal ...

UK auto industry guru Garel Rhys dies
One of the auto industry's most highly respected academics, Professor Garel Rhys, has died at the age of 76. Welshman Rhys was widely acknowledged as a particular expert on the economics and history of the automotive business. His expertise was ...

Paradigm shift in the car industry | European Economic and Social ...
Paradigm shift in the car industry | European Economic and Social ...

Lower Gas Prices, Changing Weather Fuel US Automotive Growth
The U.S. automotive industry has long been a barometer parallel to the country's overall economic performance. Following successful job growth over the last few years, it's no surprise that the automotive industry has done quite well in the past year ...

Ficosa joins 5G Automotive Association
Dino Flore, director general of 5GAA, said: "Given Ficosa's experience in research, development and marketing of components for the automotive industry, the company will surely play an important role in the efforts of 5GAA to define next-generation ...

Nexteer Automotive on steer-by-wire and the EPS market
What are the megatrends in the automotive car steering industry and how could that shape the look and feel of tomorrow's steering? There are a few megatrends that we can see when it comes to the steering industry. One of them is definitely reducing the ...

Auto industry veteran leaves Apple for role at JD Power
“Doug is an industry leader with a deep understanding of quality and design issues who also has first-hand experience with the disruptive forces reshaping the automotive industry,” Finbarr O'Neill, president and chief executive officer of J.D. Power ...

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Why an Inspection is Highly Recommended Before Buying Used Cars in Chicago

If you are on the hunt for a “new” or “used” vehicle, one of the best things you can do to protect yourself from buying a lemon is partner with a trustworthy mechanic in Chicago. Finding a used car that is in the condition described, with no hidden issues, and a clean title, is easy with help from a mechanic. The certified mechanics here at Otobots Chicago always... [Continue Reading]

5 Ways To Make Your Car As Safe As Possible

When it comes to car safety, there is always more than can be done. For parents already familiar with extended rear facing car (ERF) seats, what else can do you to ensure the best possible safety? Aside from buying a new car, here are a few things you can do to increase the protection offered by your own vehicle. Check Your Crumple Zones When it comes to head-on or rear collisions, the... [Continue Reading]

Shopping for Cars

Cars, cars, cars, so many to choose from!! The multitude of different dealers, models, colors, and years can make car shopping incredibly overwhelming and exhausting. Which will be best your lifestyle? Your family? Your safety? Are you renting or buying? There are so many questions to ask that it can result in a lot of time and frustration. One thing though that you don’t need help... [Continue Reading]

Focusing on the Road: Why the New Eye Tracking Technology Means Safer Driving

According to the Transport Accident Commission, around 20% of all motor vehicle accidents are caused by driver fatigue. Tech companies have been working for several years to create a solution that can help reduce that statistic. Now they have developed eye tracking technology. Eye tracking is one of the latest advances in computer technology. It uses infrared tracking of a person’s... [Continue Reading]

Most Common Transmission Problems

Many know that a car's transmission is crucial to the workings of an automobile. It can send power from the engine to the drive wheels through a series of gears. Its proper function can keep the car working for a long time. If not, disaster can occur if not properly maintained. Many transmission problems may result from the improper maintenance of it. These transmission problems can affect a... [Continue Reading]

The Car Purchasing Minefield

Buying a used car today is similar to Russian roulette, the good and bad all look the same, and without expert knowledge, one can easily end up with a dud! The reasons for this are numerous, mainly that every seller wishes to get the highest price for their vehicle, therefore any imperfection or defect is covered up, or at the very least not highlighted. There are different types of car... [Continue Reading]

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