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Appomattox High School students ready for the automotive industry
APPOMATTOX, Va. - Appomattox High School students are getting ready for the automotive industry. Thanks to a $15,000 grant, students have the opportunity to work with one of the best machines used in the auto world. Automotive teachers say students ...

Turkey's automotive exports break record before year's end, soar to $24.8B
Uludağ Automotive Industry Exporters Association (OİB) released the data regarding Turkey's automotive exports. According to the data, the automotive sector broke its own sector record, soaring to $24.8 billion on Nov. 17, from the previous export ...

Without Innovation Iran Auto Industry Will Soon Be a Dinosaur
Local automotive companies are often censured by the people, industry observers and experts for their lack of initiative and focus and failing to catch up with global auto companies that are leaving behind fossil fuels in favor of hybrids at ...

Lead Acid Battery Market: Swelling Demand from Automotive Industry to Remain Key Growth Factor for Market, says TMR
Lead acid batteries find vast applications, ranging from small batteries in hand tools to large batteries used in industries. Automotive electronics also make major use of lead acid batteries for a number of purposes. In the next few years, the Africa ...

Projects of Nizhny Novgorod automotive industry receive financial support worth 1 billion rubles
According to Nikitin, these projects are being implemented in the field of import substitution, and the commission of the Ministry of Industry and Trade recognised them as "prospective for the development of the domestic automotive industry." The ...

ATLAS launched at RMIT, automotive industry to get boost
The ARC Training Centre in Lightweight Automotive Structures (ATLAS) was launched this week at RMIT University by Senator James Paterson. ATLAS is led by RMIT University in close partnership with Deakin University and the Australian National ...

Manufacturing Technologies Empowering Automotive Lightweighting
Lightweighting, one of the key trends witnessed in the automotive industry is expected to introduce transformational changes in the longer run. Lightweighting has garnered increased interest from the entire transportation ecosystem to improve fuel ...

The Tortoise and the Hare: How Government and Industry Can Advance Automotive Cybersecurity Together
A widespread hack could effectively negate both of these benefits by rendering vehicles permanently inoperable (“bricking”) or, even worse, force widespread vehicle collisions. In many ways, competition in the auto industry is like chess: manufacturers ...

Indian automaker plant is latest sign of Detroit comeback
It has been years since Detroit, birthplace of the American auto industry, was a steady producer of the manufacturing jobs that defined it as the Motor City. But its comeback is entering a new phase. The latest milestone came this week, with the ...

Demand From Automotive Industry Drives Global Antifreeze Market | Technavio
The report presents a comprehensive outline of the global antifreeze market by product (ethylene glycol and propylene glycol) and by application (automotive and industrial). The report also determines the geographic breakdown of the market in terms of ...

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Gas is a Goner:  3 Reasons Electric Go Karts are Gaining More Popularity

Indeed, time has changed, and kids now play with things that their parents never owned in past. The conventional bicycle has been substituted with the go kart which is currently more popular than it was years back. Among kids, the go kart has been used to race in various parts of the country. Here are some reasons why go karts are becoming more popular than ever. It offers a wonderful... [Continue Reading]

6 Signs it is Time to Get a New Car

If you are like me, then you hold onto your car for what seems like forever. After all, is it largely a tool – through an expensive one – and while you could trade it in earlier, it’s better to save the payments. However, this also means that your car, or truck, might not be roadworthy and this could come back to bite you if you happen to have a truck accident injury. While... [Continue Reading]

Getting Your Car Ready for Winter

With winter now around the corner, it has become increasingly important for motorists to get their vehicle ready for the colder weather. In the winter, vehicles are put through a lot of strain and it is at this time of year that breakdowns and accidents are at their highest. By making sure you prepare yourself and your vehicle, you can minimize on the risk of this happening. There are a... [Continue Reading]

The Importance of Cleaning Car Windows Properly

Keeping your car windows clean can help make for a safer and more enjoyable driving experience. Dirty windows have the potential to cause dangerous driving situations that can endanger you and your loved ones. The best time to clean your car windows is when you aren't driving. If you're out driving your car in traffic and you realize that your windows are too dirty, it may be difficult to... [Continue Reading]

5 Signs It Is Time to Get Your Brakes Checked by a Professional

Can you tell when your car’s brakes need repair or replacement? Many car owners, especially new car owners tend to have limited knowledge concerning car brakes. Being one of the most significant features in your car, maintenance or servicing your car brakes is something you cannot afford to ignore. It is therefore crucial to identify some of the red flags that could mean your car... [Continue Reading]

Carbon Fiber – Adding Strength, Speed, and Style to Luxury Cars

Because of its strength, lightweight, and resilience, carbon fiber is being used more and more in different industries. It’s no surprise that a material this sleek and strong has found its way in the world of luxury cars. In this infographic, we show how carbon fiber has been integrated with high-end vehicles and provide tips on how to take proper care of the material. Carbon fiber and... [Continue Reading]

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