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Top Tips For Motorcycle Safety

If you’re making the transition from four wheels to two, you may find out that things are a bit different (cue in the sarcastic tone).

Once you set foot on the hog, it’s tough to turn back to a more traditional style of transportation. It’s easily the most fun way to get around, which is probably the reason why it makes it so dangerous. Unfortunately, the world around us is a dangerous place for motorcyclists, but nevertheless, there are plenty of things you can do to limit your risks.

Take a look at the following suggestions that will assure your thunderous roar continues on:

  1. Helmets

Ya know, your mamma is one smart lady—and you should probably listen to her when it comes to helmets. If your childhood comprised of “wear your helmet” brainwashing tactics, consider yourself fortunate. You only got one cranium, and one fall is all takes to do you in. Put on your helmet!

  1. Gear

The second most important thing besides, you know, your brain is everything else. Proper clothing and gear is an essential aspect of enjoying your bike, and continuing to enjoy it for the years to come. It may sound tedious and even repugnant to some, but just think what happens to your body when you fall on a motorcycle. Gravity and physics are certainty not on your side. With this in mind, invest careful time into what you wear on the road. A full-face helmet is not an excuse to ignore the rest of your body. Get yourself a pair of hearty leather gloves and boots, slide on specifically designed motorcycle jeans and zip up that resilient and thick-leathered jacket. It’s a decision you will never regret.

  1. Turn your head with your bike

Instinctually, you go where you eyes tell you. So, when you carve thru that tight corner up the countryside, it’s vital that you keep your head positioned at where you want to go. If something catches your eye like a hawk or gorgeous sunset, as difficult as it may sound, always be focused and never lose track as to where you WANT to go, not what you want to see.

When a rock comes hurdling in, a cement truck decides to switch lanes into your path or a sudden turn on the road catches you off guard, it’s imperative that your consciously train your mind to the point where it’s an impulse to NEVER use the front brakes first in these types of situations. ALWAYS use the rear brakes to limit the risk of you being catapulted at high speeds.

  1. Pay close attention to road conditions and the weather

As a motorcyclist, you have to be aware of your surroundings much more cognizant than of a four-wheeled driver. This includes:

  • Knowing the weather conditions (before and after you need to go somewhere).
  • Being aware of the road-landscape: debris, potholes, rocks, oil, ice, sand, etc.
  • Properly using hand signals to signal other drivers of hazards.
  • Keeping in mind of drivers whom are texting.
  • Never slamming on the brakes to hard.
  • Never slamming on the throttle to hard.
  • Before each ride, checking tire pressure, headlights, brakes, fluids, controls, mirrors, electronics, etc.
  • NEVER drinking while intoxicated


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