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Preventing Exterior Damage on Your Vehicle

Can a car storage help protect my car from getting exterior damage? This is one question everyone seems to be asking when contemplating about getting a car storage unit. The answer is absolutely yes! There are many ways you can do to protect your car from damages and ensure that the same is prevented from happening.

You cannot imagine how much a car person will spend in order to maintain a spic and span car all the time like it is never used at all. But you don’t have to spend so much if you follow these simple yet effect ways on how you can prevent exterior damage on your vehicle.

Get a Car Cover and Regular Car Waxing

Your car is under the heat of the sun, pouring rain, heavy snow, and harsh wind. Cover your car whenever you plan on parking it for a period of time. While 15-20 minutes of parking your car uncovered is okay, a good hour or more of covering will protect your car’s color and prevent it from scratches. Regular car wash is good to your car as well. Your set of car accessories is not complete without an ordinary or all-weather car cover especially when you don’t own a garage or you live by the sea. The salt air leads to corrosion. Wax your car right before the winter season starts for added protection.


Protection against Prolonged Sunlight exposure

Modern and luxury cars are designed with protection features inherent in its windshields and on its coat systems against UV exposure. However, this does not guarantee 100% protection and you must not fall into the same misconception. Your passengers as well as rear windows must be tinted and never forget to use your car’s sun shield every time you park your car outside. These steps can help you decrease the chances of getting your exterior damaged or deteriorated. Instead, you will prolong its excellent condition and add more life span to your car.

  1. Yearly- use stain-blocker treatment on carpet and cloth upholstery
  2. Every three to four(3-4) months- re-application of synthetic sealant on car paint
  3. Every two (2) months-leather, plastic, vinyl upholstery treatment
  4. Twice (2) a month-routinely use of protectants on every exterior rubber and vinyl

Safely Park your car

It’s crazy how your car can be incur damages caused by accident while its parked. A lot can happen in just a few minutes of parking and things could get worse if you park at certain places for a few days, week, or a longer period of time. From bad, worse, to worst-you name it when you leave your car exposed and vulnerable to bumps, scratches, broken windows, flat or missing tires, or theft. If you don’t have your own garage, rent car storage near you to prevent all these things from happening while you’re not seated in front of the wheel.

Don’t take the inside for granted while doing the outside works especially before parking your car for storage. Always tell yourself, “I’ll protect my car’s interior while my car storage near me will protect its exterior”.

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