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CarGuard and How Got To Where They Are Now

CarGuard Administration has quickly become one of the leading providers of Vehicle Protection Plans in the United States. This is due to how the company has attempted to disrupt the industry and provide something a little different from its competitors.

Protection Plans

They specialize in vehicle protection plans. These are plans to help ease the cost of vehicle repairs. By paying into the vehicle protection plan each month, the plan will help to cover certain repair costs. They will even provide you with a courtesy vehicle while waiting for those repairs to be carried out.

Now, vehicle protection plans aren't really anything new. Many companies provide them. However, the team behind CarGuard Administration believed it could do things better.

The company offers vehicle protection plans throughout the United States.

Their plans are regarded as some of the most affordable in the business. They also thrive on providing brilliant customer service to the people who own protection plans, which means that the company is easy to get in touch with. This allows their customers to make claims on their vehicle protection plan sooner as opposed to later.

You only have to read the CarGuard reviews to know that this company certainly offers the service that people want from an extended warranty company.

How CarGuard Administration Got Started

At the time of writing, they have been around for 6-years.

The company was started by Trevor Smith back in 2015.

Trevor founded the company when he realized that the vast majority of vehicle protection companies out there weren't any good. While they were certainly providing the protection, they made it exceedingly difficult to get in touch with them.

This is why, right from the get-go, the company decided to make a much more customer-centric approach to things.

Since CarGuard Administration operates on behalf of other companies, they know how important it is always put their best foot forward. After all, if they are not consistently offering the best customer experience to people, this will reflect poorly upon them and the company they are representing with the vehicle service contract.

It is this company philosophy that has continued to allow them to thrive. As we said before, their reviews are certainly on the up, which is a testament to the amount of work that Trevor Smith has poured into building up his company.

Due to the rapid expansion of CarGuard, they have managed to spread throughout the United States quickly. This means that the original offices that there were based in back in 2015 were not quite enough. While getting started in Overland Park, Kansas, the company moved to much larger premises in 2020. They are now operating out of Phoenix, Arizona.

Where CarGuard Administration Are Headed

They may have only been around for six years, but they have already started to cause a significant amount of disruption to the industry. Other vehicle protection plan companies are starting to take note of the various services that they are offering. CarGuard Administration plans to be in the business for a long, long time to come.

CarGuard Administration knows that it has something incredible on its hands. However, the team knows that the only way you can be successful in business is to continue to evolve as a company.

Evolving means that you can continue to expect them to refine the products that it has on offer. Which will allow them to offer something that provides a far bigger bang for the buck for their customers and businesses that they work with.

While CarGuard Administration is already one of the fastest-acting businesses in the United States regarding claims, you can expect them to continue to refine their claim processes. This will help to ensure that they can continue to offer an unrivaled experience. It ensures that they can continue to be one of the fastest companies in the country.

Of course, during this time, the company will continue to expand across the United States. This means bringing on more staff and working hard to disrupt the industry they have made their own.

How This Impacts the Customers

Customers at CarGuard Administration won't experience anything different. They will continue to experience the same service they have always done, and they will continue to review it incredibly well. In fact, it is likely the only thing that their customers will notice about the company is how fast everything seems to work.

New customers that decide to opt for a vehicle protection plan will notice that they are a company like no other. This is all down to how CarGuard got started. They always planned to be one of the most unique businesses in the industry because they knew that this was the best way to succeed.

Final Word

CarGuard Administration may be a new company in the grand scheme of things, but this is a company that is already making strides in a crowded industry. This company is becoming one of the top vehicle protection plan companies in the United States, and you only have to read their reviews to find out.

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