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Benefits of Car Detailing

Interior Detailing

We drive our cars every day if not every other day. With time and daily use your vehicle will gather dirt, grime clutter without you noticing. Surface maintenance like quick wipe downs and vacuuming only do so much for your vehicle. That’s when professional car detailing comes in, with an interior car detailing service your vehicle will be brought back to like new condition.

Maximize your resale value

It is very rare to keep a vehicle for our entire life and most of us will end up selling or trading in our vehicle one day. With that said, it is important to maintain it in the best condition possible, and professional car detailing does just that.

Upholstery stain removal

Whether is from coffee, juice, or a pet accident embedded stains are difficult to remove, they decrease the life of your upholstery and makes your vehicle look terrible. Professional interior detailing will use different cleaners and machines to remove these tough stains. With the use of degreasers, upholstery shampoos, industrial stain extractors and steams cleaners your vehicles seats and carpet will be stain free or in much better condition. For leather seats your leather gets thoroughly cleaned with brushes, mildly abrasive cleaners and pads. Leather conditioners is applied to keep your seats in the best condition possible and prevent the much-dreaded leather cracking.

Disinfect Vehicle Surfaces

Think about all the things that you touch daily. When you get in your vehicle you touch you steering wheel, shift knob, ignition, stereo, seat belt, and other compartments. That allows for any bacteria that is on your hands to be transferred to your vehicle. By detailing your vehicle, you will have all these areas that are rarely cleaned, disinfected and cleaned so your vehicle can be bacteria free.

Fight off allergies

Runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing and the sniffles are some of the things people with allergies struggle the most. People believe allergies are only present when you step outside your house or your vehicle, but the truth is allergies are present inside your vehicle as well! Sources of allergies in your vehicles are the most overlooked areas, the cracks and crevices. With professional detailing all those areas will be cleaned getting rid of all the dust, dirt, and possible mold growth, resulting in a dramatic decrease in your allergic reactions when you are inside of your vehicle. Giving you and all your passengers a better driving experience.

Exterior Car Detailing

When you have the exterior of your vehicle detailed you get so much more than meets the eye. Yes, your car will look amazing and have an enhanced gloss, but it goes much deeper than that. After your vehicle has all the cracks and crevices cleaned and its completely washed and cleaned of all the dirt and surface contaminants and hand dried with a plush microfiber towel, it will undergo what is called paint decontamination. This process includes iron removal from your cars paint and having a clay bar process done, which will remove all embedded contaminants from your vehicles paint.

After your paint is completely decontaminated a wash and wax will be performed to protect your paint from future contamination, harsh weather, and UV rays that with time can cause premature clear coat failure. Other protectants can also be applied such as paint sealants which last much longer than wax or even the more protective ceramic coatings.

Ultimately this process enhances the look or your vehicle the life span of your paint work.

Headlight care

Many people don’t think much about this until it is to have a headlight restoration service done. With time headlights oxidize due to UV rays and constant exposure to the elements. As this happens it becomes harder for the light to illuminate the road causing a safety hazard for you and others. Many detailers offer ceramic coatings for headlights to always keep them clear and in tip top shape!

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