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7 Things That Truly Matter When  Choosing a New Vehicle

If you’re in the market to buy a new vehicle for you or for your family, you understand what a massive undertaking this can be. There’s a lot to consider.

Members of your family may have their own ideas about what to look for. The kids want a DVD player. Mom wants Wi-Fi. You want the latest navigation system. But what’s most important?

We will explore 7 things that truly matter when choosing a vehicle.

1.      Affordability

Be realistic about the cost of the vehicle. And it’s not just being able to afford the payments. How much will you spend by the time it’s paid off?

Even if you can get financing, work with your finance manager, like the one at Adams Toyota to make the payment comfortable for you.

2.      Buy or lease?

This relates to affordability. Compare the cost of buying versus leasing. If you’re buying, the interest on a brand new car over the life of any loan will multiple the final cost of the car 2-3 times, maybe more.

If your credit is good, leasing could be a more cost effective option – if you limit your miles to 12,000 a year. On the plus side, the payments are much lower. There also could be huge tax advantages as well.

3.      Bells and whistles

Getting all the bells and whistles in a new vehicle can be exciting, but they also will up your payment and cost.

But if you have to have them, at least do yourself a favor and determine which ones you think will be useful, and which ones you can do without. Pass that on to your family.

4.      Power

Power is almost a necessity if you plan to haul things in your vehicle. But if you don’t, then does power truly matter?

On the other hand, if you live where it snows each winter, then power can be handy in case you get stuck.

5.      Fuel economy

If you plan to drive a lot, fuel economy might be pretty important to you. It might help offset some of the cost of the vehicle, and save you money on fuel every month.

6.      Comfort

It doesn’t matter if it’s just you or the entire family. Comfort is paramount, especially if long trips are in your future. There should be plenty of room and feel good when you sit down.

7.      Size

There are different factors to consider here. One, if you have a family, then there should be more than enough room for everyone, even the family pet.

Also, there’s a possibility you could have a less-than-normal size garage, it might be good to check and see if the new vehicle will fit – or you’ll soon have to get a new garage.

When it comes to choosing a new vehicle, everyone is different. But we feel that the 7 items we covered in this article are what truly matters to people. We hope you got something good from it.

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