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Will I Have to Give a Deposition as a Victim of a Car Wreck?

Many questions arise for Atlanta car accident lawyers once a person has been injured in a crash. Possible deposal is one such issue. Within the context of litigation, a deposition is taken during the discovery phase.

What is a sworn deposition? It's a statement made by a party to a case and recorded by a court official. A vehicle accident victim's eligibility to be deposed and other deposition-related questions are addressed here. We also give examples of the kinds of questions you might be asked.

How likely is it that a person involved in a car crash will have to take a deposition?

Yes. An essential aspect of any personal injury litigation involving a car crash is the deposition of the parties involved when the plaintiff (the injured individual) and the defendant (the party being sued for negligence) can each present their side of the story. By taking depositions, both sides can evaluate the validity of the other's case.

The plaintiff can learn what evidence the defendant wants to use against them through taking depositions. The defense is looking for holes in the plaintiff's argument so they can exploit them. There's a chance that the deposition of a car accident victim will push parties who were previously unwilling to settle to come to terms.

As an illustration, the defendant's insurance company may offer a settlement if they determine that the victim has a strong case. This is due to the fact that if the case goes to trial, the jury may increase the number of damages awarded. As the at-fault party and their legal team will undoubtedly do the same, you should treat depositions with the seriousness they deserve. As a victim of a car accident, the outcome of your deposition is critical to your damage lawsuit. Get an initial consultation legal opinion on your situation.

Attendees at a deposition include:

  • According to the circumstances, the claimant may be the plaintiff or the defendant.
  • Attorneys
  • Anyone whose testimony is relevant
  • Insurers for the party to blame
  • A member of the court staff, typically a stenographer, is responsible for taking down testimony.

The testimony given in a deposition is admissible as evidence in a trial, and the sessions are typically videotaped. In addition, the conference room of the legal firm is where depositions take place. Finally, barring exceptional circumstances, you will have to be deposed at some point.

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