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Looking for CDL drivers

Despite the fact that nowadays there are a lot of drivers with CDL, it’s getting more and more difficult to find them. The reason is a great competition. Some of the candidates are concentrated on the offered salary, others – on the reputation and the brand of the employer. Here are the steps to follow to more easily find an appropriate CDL drivers for your company.

Create a post

Of course, firstly you need to choose which particular website (or websites) you are planning to use for this purpose (like Indeed, Glassdoor etc.). It’s highly not recommended to copy and paste similar offers as that is how a competition doesn’t work. In most cases the description of the jobs for CDL drivers is pretty the same from company to company, so you need to become more attractive with benefits provided. Even if it’s just some small detail as a discount for the take-away spots or a free gym.

It’s also good if you have some SEO specialist for your website who will be able to make it visible in Google searches. Nowadays still many people are using googling of job offers instead of visiting specific online platforms.

Scan the applications

If there are a lot, it may be quite annoying to go through all the papers to check if the applicants are fitting the most important requirements posted on a CDL drivers job offer:

A great tip in this case is to send a short email or make a phone call and in person ask for the information you want to know. That is how you will not need to make dozens of useless interviews with the candidates who just didn’t look through the offer properly.


One more attractive thing for a potential candidate is a mobile phone’s or even a skype interview. Otherwise, it’s hard to imagine how many driving he needs to make just to hold a dozen in-person interviews.

It will be useful to prepare the list of possible questions in advance to look professional and not to waste the time neither of you nor the candidates for drivers CDL jobs. It should be both questions in regards to the professional experience and personal characteristics. You should also allow him to ask the questions so the candidate may become more interested in exactly your offer.

Eligibility check

Here we are talking about MVD records, meaning the information about all the accidents, violations and penalties the driver had. Not less important is to get a drug test. With this information you may be assured that a candidate is competent enough and fits not only the company’s but also the national requirements and regulations.

Practical testing

Driver with CDL has to be checked in regards to driving skills. Even an experienced one may not fit some strict policy of a particular company. For this check you obviously will need a professional trucker who will sit next to the candidate to make sure everything goes smoothly. In case you are hiring a totally new young driver it’s also recommended that someone would check him during the first weeks on the road. For example, if two truckers have the same part of the route so more experienced one can follow the new driver and check all the movements on the road.

Personal interview

Finally, you have found one or a couple of drivers you are satisfied with. On the step it’s recommended to arrange an in-person interview, even if it goes through video-chat. One more essential tool is a CDL scan website where you can check all the anonymous feedbacks in regards to a particular driver.

If the interview went smoothly, it’s time to send via email a final job offer, underlying all the important points. It also can be done during the interview but an official document definitely needs to take place.

These are just basic steps you may follow but definitely every particular company has its own policy and procedures to follow. For example, some small companies may skip email and phone calls and hold the traditional interview only. The only thing you need to remember is to make the whole hiring process the most convenient not only for you but for the potential employee as well.

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