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Laws to be aware of regarding window tinting and recent changes in related legislation in Virginia

Tinting is Healthy! Who knew?

One of the most important things to people is their health, right? If you asked anyone alive on the planet if they would like to live longer, guaranteed, what do you think their answer would be? Of course, it would be yes! Therefore, the fitness industry is booming, bringing in well over billions of dollars a year. So, it is apparent that people care about their health. They want to be in the best shape possible, they usually want to get there as fast as possible. So, it would make sense that these people would be considering their health and have it in mind when they make other decisions that might be causally related to it, like altering their automobile. Window tinting has a surprising number of benefits when it comes to your health. Everyone knows what window tint is supposed to do right? It blocks light! It therefore blocks some of the harmful UV rays that could do your skin damage and put you at a higher risk for certain types of cancer, including melanoma. This UV exposure could also cause other problems that you may not even have been aware of, for example cataracts, skin damage, and signs of accelerated aging. But it can also benefit you even more since your vehicle is something you are probably constantly in and is most likely your primary source of transportation. Factoring all these things in, it is a no brainer what your decision should be here.

Window tinting and the laws surrounding it

Most states in the United Stated of America have some sort of window tinting law, statute, or regulation. You are not able to just tint your windows as dark as you want and start driving around. When a car is tinted, this severely infringes upon the level and quality of light that enters the automobile. More privacy might sound nice and cushy to you as a car owner, but it can prevent you from being able to see the road or drive very well at all. Studies have shown, a lack of or limited vision when operating a motor vehicle is a major factor in how many accidents are on the road at any given time. Another reason that the window tint is illegal, believe it or not, is because you cannot see in the car! Crazy right? Yes, apparently law-enforcement does not take it lightly when they feel like looking in the back of your car but are unable to, due to the tint on the windows. They might even request that you roll the window down or they may request you permit them to open the doors manually so that they can look inside. This is at this point, up to you. We are just letting you know that we have heard of this happening. In some states though, probable cause can be used for extremely dark windows. There is also the fact that police conduct regular traffic stops and other investigations, and extremely dark window tint can interfere with an ongoing APB or search, or just with their jobs in general. When you have tinted windows for no apparent reason, the police tend to think your trying to hide something. Imagine that.

Some people ask me if they will get pulled over for having tinted windows

In Virginia, there is currently legislation pending that, if approved, will disallow police from pulling over an individual for having:

  • Tinted windows
  • Taillights out
  • Loud mufflers
  • Objects dangling from mirrors
  • Expired state inspection stickers (unless over three months old)
  • Outdated registration tags
  • Much, much more

This will probably make you a little excited if you are planning on tinting your windows anytime soon! This does mean that police cannot pull over ANYONE that has their windows tinted for that reason alone, no matter how dark the tint. Now, I would not recommend going all out and getting an insanely dark and super illegal tint job, but I am just providing you with the information. Please do note that this is just PENDING legislation and could be denied when put in front of the governor. He has it on his list of things to read and approve or deny. He has his veto powers, and they could stop this law from going into effect. The law is mainly proposed to stop traffic stops based in discrimination and to keep racial discrimination in the police force from happening as often. By the way, this law will also prevent the police from being able to pull over an individual for the smell of marijuana in their vehicle in Virginia. Simple marijuana possession is already decriminalized to a $100 fine and a civil citation, nothing more. But police have still been using this excuse in what seems to be cases of racial discrimination. Nothing to do with tinted windows, but the more you know right? It is good to be aware of what is going on around you, especially if you live in the immediate area where these things are happening!

The large majority of states have already implemented some type of allowances as far as tinted windows in their state. Some states do not allow tinted windows at all, but most will let an individual do this if they adhere to a few regulations and laws. A tinting job done within the lines of the eyes of the law you will not get pulled over for. Or, if you do, it will be a simple mistake and once you show the officer your paperwork related to the job and he sees that the number is not past the legal limit for it, you will be completely fine. Of course, if you try to push the envelope, you may have some more trouble, may even be pulled over numerous times if you do not fix it promptly. Ignorance of the laws is no excuse for breaking them, or so the judge will probably tell you if you try to use that as an excuse in the courtroom. Better just to take responsibility, pay the ticket, and make sure that you do not do it again.  Tinting done in the lines of these laws is permitted so you would not get pulled over. If the tint laws that are in place are not followed, you may be subject to being pulled over. In other states, tinting is entirely illegal. Many window tinters will refuse to put a tint on the car if they have the knowledge beforehand that is an illegal or excessive tint. If you have an illegal level of tint on your vehicle and the cops find out, that person may be subject to some charges as well. Or, at least, you will be put on their radar, and you probably do NOT want that. So, you are going to want to make sure that you know the laws of your state and follow them to the letter, as they do change sometimes.

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