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Benefits of Windshield Repair over Windshield Replacement

That small windshield chip that’s not in your line of sight might not worry you, but that could come back to haunt you. Your car’s windshield offers a lot more than aesthetic appeal, necessitating practical care and maintenance to ensure that you realize the contribution it is designed to provide. While the engine and tires might be your primary focal points while caring for your car, the windshield should also be prioritized. The best part is that you can easily spot concerns and address them by enlisting professional auto glass repair in Detroit. If you are wondering why you should have that chip or cracked immediately repaired instead of waiting to get the windshield replaced, here are a few pointers to help you make an informed decision.


Windshield replacement requires a significant financial investment. You can save a lot by promptly having the minor issues repaired before the damage extends. You might be overlooking that minor issue as you don’t want to spend on the repair, but it only gets worse by the day. As you drive, the crack extends due to the vibration, and temperature changes further contribute to the growing damage. With other concerns such as car wash incidences and pebbles/debris contact, the weakened windshield points worsen to the point that repairs aren’t possible. Spending a few bucks on repairs saves you a lot more that’s needed for the replacement, an apparent reason most car owners have realized. Repairs are a cost-effective way of ensuring that you get the most out of the windshield as it serves you longer.


Leaving your car in the auto shop or garage as you can’t drive with a damaged windshield is quite inconvenient. It takes longer to replace the windshield than it would if you ensured that it is repaired before the damage extends. Repairing the minor issue could be completed within minutes, but the replacement demands a lot more work and time. For instance, waiting for the sealant to cure could take hours or even a day following the conditions, meaning that you would have to go without your car. If you are driving a modern vehicle featuring advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), the recalibration process also takes time, further keeping you away from your car. With windshield repairs, you save a lot of time and avoid such frustrations that could inconvenience your busy routine.

Repairs are environmental friendly

Are you always looking for ways to keep the environment safe? Then repairs should be your go-to. With repairs, you get to keep the windshield on your car for an extended period.  Windshield replacement means more items in the landfill since the auto glass is non-recyclable.

Keeping your car’s windshield in top shape can’t be stressed enough. The windshield makes driving safer through unobstructed vision, offers structural support to the roof, and adds a protective shield should you be involved in an accident. Don’t wait for that minor chip to extend; windshield repairs offer a lot more benefit than waiting for significant damages for a replacement.

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