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3 Economical Benefits of Chip Tuning

When it comes to modern cars, simply upgrading them in terms of security and putting them through the process of paint correction to keep the newness intact isn’t enough.

In order to ensure that you’re getting way more power out of your vehicle but more so its engine, it’s essential that you ensure your car is undergoing a chip tuning process. Doing so, through the help of experienced professionals though, will offer you various economical benefits.

Since the process is conducted using high-end and state-of-the-art machinery, you’re sure to experience that added performance.

If you’re not sure if chip tuning is the right option for you, you’ve landed on the right place. In this article, we’ll be walking you through the top 3 economical benefits of tuning. 

But before that, let’s understand what this process is about..

Chip Tuning for Cars

To explain in simple terms, chip tuning is the process where car experts administer the engine of your vehicle and based on that decide whether the ECU needs to be changed, a performance chip has to be added or the engine needs to be remapped.

Regardless of the steps that are taken, the change in the software is sure to make a huge difference in the way your car performs. It doesn’t stop here though; the process also ensures that you achieve better fuel economy.

Top 3 Economical Benefits of Chip Tuning

As mentioned above, chip tuning not only helps improve the overall performance of your vehicle but also offers you economical benefits.

Here is a list of the top three benefits that you’re likely to reap!

Improve Fuel Economy

Sure, you can increase the fuel economy by a certain percentage by following appropriate driving habits. However, the improvement you’re about to see by investing in chip tuning is unparalleled.

Put simply, while this process might seem like an expensive affair, you’re going to notice results much faster especially in terms of reduced fuel consumption. This means that you get to experience the power boost whilst pushing that accelerator and at the same time, you can save on those fuel charges when driving in a low gear.

Optimise the Torque

When it comes to your engine’s fuel consumption, it majorly depends on two factors -

One is the engine’s cubic capacity. In other words, the number and size of cylinders it has, as that’s what is filled with fuel in the injection process. The second factor is the vehicle’s frequency (=RPM), which is basically the rate at which these cylinders are filled.

That said, if you drive your car at lower RPM (that is at a higher gear), you’re likely to enhance the fuel economy of your vehicle. You see, that’s the little secret of getting your car chip tuned.

Moreover, the process increases the available torque of your car, allowing you to make earlier changes in the gear with reduced shifting.

Now, if you add appropriate driving habits to this, you get to save nearly 1 litre of fuel per 100 kilometers. The torque optimisation basically helps save money via improved fuel economy.

Cleaner Engine Burn

When you take up the process of chip tuning, you don’t just ensure that your vehicle gets the most out of its fuel, including the fuel ratio, transmission, injection and timing.

In fact, you can also make sure that you're achieving a cleaner engine burn which will only offer more efficiency and power, and less build-up. However, engine tune of this sort will mean you’ll need to be selective with the gasoline you opt for.

Right Driving Habits to Adopt for Increased Fuel Economy

Now that you know the economical benefits you can reap through chip tuning, let’s take a look at some of the driving habits you could follow to tap into the reduced fuel consumption potential of your car.

  • Driving In a More Efficient Gear - A lot of people tend to assume that fuel-efficient driving would take away the enjoyment of driving as a whole. If you’re among these people, then you’re completely wrong. As a matter of fact, it’s recommended that you swiftly accelerator the car to your desired speed and try to maintain the same at a lower RPM.
  • Having a Drive Anticipatory - When driving a car, you should take the foot off your accelerator the moment you see a red light or a slower car ahead of you and ensure you stay in the same gear. In doing so, you can easily slow your vehicle down without having to put the brakes. This will help you save more fuel while reducing the intervals of your brakes.
  • Putting Your Vehicle On a Diet - Yes, you read that right! Adding unnecessary baggage, mostly in the trunk, can have negative effects on your car’s overall weight. Put simply, an additional 100kg weight is likely to induce around 0.5l of fuel consumption per 100 kms. This means, cleaning your car is sure to give you better fuel benefits.

To Wrap Up

And that wraps up our list of economical benefits you can reap through chip tuning!

If you’re ready to put your car through this process, make sure you approach a professional company to do so. Not only will they have experienced people to undertake the process but also ensure that the right equipment is being used.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your car chip tuned to enjoy an increased power output and reduced fuel consumption!