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3 Best Light Truck Tires

Light truck owners often go to great lengths to maintain the structural and internal function of their vehicles. Said individuals often use these crafts for personal and professional aims. Though occasionally overlooked, adorning said vehicles with the proper tires can play a significant role in ensuring that the vessel remains in optimal physical and operating conditions and is safe to drive for many years.

Good Tire Tire Service invites its existing customers and concerned truck owners to read this blog discussing the attributes of good tires, in addition to highlighting three of the most popularly employed and purchased light truck tires,

Light Truck Definition

 A light truck is a vehicle carrying a gross vehicle weight rating of no more than 3,860 kilograms and a payload capacity equaling no greater than 1,815 kilograms.

 The gross vehicle weight rating, sometimes abbreviated as the GVWR, is the total weight the travel craft in question clocks in when considering the weight of the vehicle, passengers and cargo. The payload capacity is the maximum weight of the cargo the truck in question is permitted to haul at a given time.

 Light trucks encompass various vehicles, including pickup trucks, minivans, vans and sport utility vehicles, often abbreviated simply as SUVs.

Attributes Of A Good Light Truck Tire

 Strong, high-quality tires not only prove vital to a light truck's capacity to proceed but to the safety of the motorist and said individual's passengers. Therefore, choosing the right tires is an important responsibility. Said items should possess the following qualities:

 The Appropriate Tire Type

 Obviously, the most important issue at hand is to make sure the tire is meant to fit the vehicle in question. When choosing light truck tires, naturally, the consumer wants to purchase light truck tires. Fortunately, most tires are given a label correlating to the vehicle said items are intended for.

 Light truck tires will likely be labelled LT. This means they are readily designed to perform when affixed to light trucks and can handle enhanced load capacities.

 Tread Wear

 These designations determine how well said products stand up when frequently exposed to adverse surfaces and weather conditions.


 Traction is the tire in question's capacity to maintain control when the vehicle stops short or traverses along wet or challenging roadways. Traction effectiveness is usually measured in letter grades ranging from highest to lowest from A, B, C, and so on. Opting for tires with greater traction capacity often increases a motorist's safety.

 Temperature Resistant

 Extreme heat can sometimes erode a tire's tread. However, strong tires are capable of resisting excessive temperatures. Ergo, light truck owners might wish to have their vehicles fitted with products given high-temperature resistance ratings.

 Tire Classification

 Tires are differentiated into various categories, including all-season, all-terrain, and snow and ice. Light truck owners need to choose items most befitting of their specific needs. Automotive professionals often recommend the purchase of all-season and snow tires. However, should light truck proprietors often progress through challenging environments, said subjects might choose to invest in all-terrain products. These specially-designed tires are capable of successfully treading through various rough and uneven surfaces.

 Fuel Economy

 Some might not realize that tires can have a significant impact on how efficiently the vehicle uses fuel. Tire service professionals urge prospective consumers to purchase products designated as possessing low rolling resistance. Researchers have found that investing in such tires could improve the truck's fuel economy by as much as 15 to 20 percent.

 Miscellaneous Concerns

 Additionally, light truck owners are firmly encouraged to consider the following issues:

  • how often the truck will be driven
  • its professional and recreational purposes
  • the roadways that will typically be traversed
  • the type of cargo to be routinely hauled
  • the vehicle's condition
  • how much mileage the truck has

Three Of The Best Light Truck Tires

 Every light truck owner might have an opinion about what they believe to be the best tires. However, tire service professionals and automotive experts believe that three of the best products include:

 Falken Wildpeak AT3 All-Terrain Radial Tire

 Industry insiders maintain this brand is one of the most well-designed light truck tires. These items are constructed using a silica compound, which is particularly strong and renders the components especially effective at stopping and maintaining solid traction on wet or icy surfaces.

 Additionally, Falken Windpeaks are specifically-constructed to withstand high heat exposure, which means they are less likely to suffer tread issues after short durations. Moreover, they can withstand excessive weight quantities. This proves critical when carrying heavy loads.

 Above all, this tire brand offers a smooth ride. All-terrain tires are not always known for providing the smoothest or most comfortable travels. However, those who have used or tested these items swear by their capacity to ensure motorists experience the safest ride in the most soothing driving atmosphere.

 Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire

 Goodyear has long been recognized as one of the world's top producers of well-made, long-lasting tires. That said, industry professionals consider the Wrangler Radial amongst the best of the best.

 This all-season offering is made with especially aggressive tread design. Such features enable the tire to perform well under the most trying weather, temperatures and terrain. Research has proven that the ruggedness of these features stands up on snowy, icy surfaces and uneven, damaged roadways.

 Furthermore, like Falken Windpeaks, Wranglers are especially noted for their capacity to offer light truck drivers a smooth and comfortable ride. Above all, however, is that these items are also considered amongst the most budget-friendly light truck tires.

 Michelin Defender LTX M/S All-Season Radial Tire

 Michelin is also thought of as amongst the world's top producers of good tires. The Defender LTX does little to tarnish that reputation. This offering is highly praised for its excellently woven tread. Industry experts and those who have driven using these components report experiencing superior traction on wet and snowy roads, difficult terrain and heavily traversed highways.

 Additionally, these tires are designed with a unique directional tread, which causes them to wear down at an even pace gradually. Said events often equate to the item remaining safe and functional for greater durations than products not made of such creations.

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